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Cheryl Brown, together with her husband Arthur, have fostered over 100 children. She describes her most rewarding moment, “Several years ago we had a little girl stay with us for three years. She came to us when she was four months old and she couldn’t even lift her head up. She was severely neglected and often left in a caravan on a double bed with a bottle of milk beside her while her birth parents left her alone for hours on end and she cried and cried. It took her months to be able to look anyone in the eye. It’s being able to help children like this that makes what we do as foster carers so important”. This week we celebrate Foster Care Week and the invaluable contribution our foster carers like Cheryl and Arthur are making to the lives of vulnerable children, young people and the community as a whole. #bestofcare #pieceofyourheart #fostercare #fosteringcommunities #futurefostercare
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