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Safe Shelter ACT Information

Safe Shelter ACT Information
Safe Shelter for homeless men operated in the inner city area from 22 April to 29 September. See the report below.

Having proved in 2017 that the concept could operate in the three different locations, although for only five nights each week, in 2018 the challenge was to see whether our volunteers would be able to maintain a shelter every night, particularly at weekends.

They were, and the benefits for the homeless men were apparent:

We nearly doubled the number of bed nights for guests from opening five nights per week in 2017 (743 -v- 379);

Opening every night allowed guests some assurance of having continuous shelter while they tried to seek support; or

make alternative arrangements, await referral outcomes, or take a break from sleeping rough, etc;

It assisted agencies (such as OneLink, the AFP, Samaritan House, etc.) to direct men to Safe Shelter;

It reduced the guesswork in analysing Safe Shelter’s statistics; and

Of the approximately 95 guests who stayed at Safe Shelter, 50 stayed for only a few days and never returned, suggesting that at least some men were able to sort themselves out and others had been able to engage with welfare services before their homelessness became entrenched.

A great outcome for our volunteers! Thanks everyone.
More info @ Safe Shelter ACT Information
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