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Today I change the sign to “66 years later”. Anniversary of contracting polio.

September 15, 1953….66 years ago today, at an age of only 10 months old, I was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with paralytic polio…. paralysed from my neck down and my parents were told the virus was entering my brain stem. Doctor told my parents I had 3 days to live
….they got that part wrong.

I’ve been Blessed that I got great care; especially from my Mom who did Sister Kenny’s physical therapy on me. I walked a year later. If I was born in a developing country, I wouldn’t be here today.

World Polio Day is October 24th. Please consider donating to Rotary’s #PolioPlus at www.endpolio.org ….a $20 donation becomes $60 with the Gates Foundation matching monies and 100 kids won’t get polio because of your donation!

Hold a World’s Greatest Meal to Help End Polio by going to www.WGMeal.com ….a great way to get others involved in this effort to stop any child to ever suffer a lifetime of pain like many of us polio survivors.

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