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Vinnies Australia

Vinnies Australia
Prepare to be inspired! πŸ’™

Frank has been volunteering on Vinnies Soup Vans for 44 years. His final night on the Soup Van will be next month, when he’ll hand in his well-worn high-vis.

He’s served businessmen in suits, children with their mothers, young couples with nowhere else to go, and even old school friends. He had not only provided food to Victorians in need; he has made everlasting friendships.

“Volunteers such as Frank Mullins are the foundation-stones of St Vincent de Paul Society’s ‘good works’ and he is truly an inspiration to us all,” Sue Cattermole, Vinnies Victoria CEO says.

Frank, you completely embody the Vinnies spirit. πŸ™ Thank you for your unwavering compassion and dedication to people in need. πŸ€—
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