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Please Share – numerous local BlazeAid Coordinators being called for in fire ravaged communities in NSW
Never before in the 10 years of BlazeAid have we had such enormous requests for volunteers and Coordinators in such places as Wingham, Macksville, Kempsey, Willawarren, Yarrowitch, Guyra, Tamworth and more towns by the day. These bases – and millions of dollars of help- will NOT go ahead unless we all help find BlazeAid coordinators to run them
BlazeAid is asking for local retired people esp to help run these future base camps as all our current coordinators are deployed on other bases or are in readiness for fires in Vic and SA
If interested, Please call retired beef farmer John Anderson 0412 382 184 At Bunyip Vic for more info – John and wife Sue put their hand up in last March after fires devastated their Gippsland community. His coordination of Bunyip BlazeAid brought about $2,000,000 into his community. If you have the time, energy, passion and people skills you can do the same- it is NOT rocket science- just simply ‘mates helping mates’
BlazeAid is a well oiled system
with backup to help you learn
Or call me if interested in coordination
Many thanks Kevin Butler BlazeAid Pres 0418530471 admin@blazeaid.com.au
More info @ BlazeAid
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November 22, 2019 at 09:39PM