Month: February 2020

Scientist, farmer, innovator, Rotarian

A plainsman with a PhD, Bob Quinn uses his 4,000-acre Montana spread as a laboratory to revive an ancient grain, rethink agricultural practices, and reinvigorate rural communities from Scientist,


Since 2015, more than 4 million people have fled an economically devastated Venezuela. Tracking the stories of three who left puts faces on that staggering statistic. from Exodus via

Rotary Club of Pambula

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World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum Save a life with just a tap. 🔎 Learn more about how the world is tackling homelessness: More info @ World Economic Forum Automated post from

Rotary International

Rotary International More children than ever before are receiving basic immunizations. Bill Gates explains why vaccines work and how improvements in health are lifting people out of poverty in the

The Economist

The Economist Malaria still kills around 400,000 people a year. Efforts to eradicate the disease have stalled because of its ability to resist drugs—but pioneering gene-editing technology could change that


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Rotary Social Impact Network – Provisional

Rotary Social Impact Network – Provisional The Rotary Club of Milton-Ulladulla, D9710, Australia steps up to help during the Australian Bushfire Disaster. Past President Ross Wade shares, ‘Authorities realised that