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The Purple House

The Purple House We’re cheering for you Zibeon!! A message to Zibeon Fielding who today is running an ultra-marathon to raise money to bring dialysis to the APY Lands! Our

Rotary Down Under

Rotary Down Under Windsor Rotary Club has smashed their fundraising goal at the Hawkesbury Race Club’s latest race meeting . A record $54,498 was raised throughout the day, with proceeds

Being Rotarian

Being Rotarian How Rotary International president Ian Riseley went from being a guest speaker to leading 1.2 million members. When chartered accountant Ian Riseley was invited by one of his

Membership Voice

Membership Voice Want to attract and engage young professionals to your Rotary or Rotaract club? Then we have just the presentation for you! Listen as Australian Rotaract Chair Rebecca Fry

Sydney Rotarians

Sydney Rotarians If you are genuinely interested in strengthening your Rotary Club, check out this book which was published earlier this month by South Australian Rotarian, Mark Huddleston. Entitled “Creatures

End Polio Now

End Polio Now “We are closer than we have ever been before to wiping out this virus.” Michel Zaffran @WHO More info @ End Polio Now Automated post from

Ginninderra project

Ginninderra project Senior Research Engineer and Experimental Scientist at CSIRO’s Data61, Matt Adcock, said Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technology would change the way Australians interact with digital systems at

Rotary Leader-en – 201805en – 7

Rotary Leader-en – 201805en – 7 Rotary Leader: helping clubs and districts achieve success. This multimedia, online publication features practical information and links to help club and district officers meet

Rotaract Club of University of Canberra

Rotaract Club of University of Canberra RCUC wishes all those in their exam period all the very best! Nearly there!!! 😊 More info @ Rotaract Club of University of Canberra